The Pummeled Heart

Twenty-Third Publications 


1.   Understand what you have gone through from the loss that has altered your life.
2.   Beware of getting comfortable in immobility and avoid such traps as alcohol, drugs, and self-pity. These keep you locked in your place of pain.
3.    Make an active choice early on to hold on to your personal power.
4.    Reach out for support from those who love you -- family, friends, community groups.
5.   Move on. Do something, any activity that gets you off self centeredness and helps you focus outward.
6.    Add physical exercise to your daily activities.
7.    Don't shut down. Be determined to go on with your life, recognizing the good things you have even as you may mourn what you have lost.
8.    Incorporate humor and laughter into your life, recognizing their healing gifts.
9.    Don't feel guilty about getting on with life,
which includes laughter, fun, and success.
10.   Be forgiving in order to become free.
11.   Recognize and believe that life is more than worthwhile, it is a great adventure.
12.   Trust that life has been created by a God who loves you, that it has meaning even if that meaning is couched in mystery.


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