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Antoinette Bosco

A prize-winning journalist, Antoinette Bosco is a syndicated columnist with the National Catholic News Service and a freelance writer with over 200 magazine articles, thousands of newspaper stories, and seven books to her credit. Ms. Bosco also served as executive editor of the Litchfield County Times in Connecticut from 1981 to 1995.

Ms. Bosco grew up in upstate New York. The second of eight children, she and her elder sister assumed the responsibility of raising their siblings when their mother, who was manic-depressive, started having a series of nervous breakdowns.

History repeated itself when, at 19, Bosco married a teacher who proved to be mentally unstable. Divorced after enduring a deeply troubled marriage for many years, and with six children to support, Ms. Bosco turned to writing to support her family.

She became the associate news director and assistant professor of clinical health sciences at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. And in 1974, she began writing a weekly column, "The Bottom Line," for the Catholic News Service, which she still writes today. During this period, she also volunteered for five years as a local human rights commissioner, working on racial, marital and medical problems,

Just as her children were finally grown up and taking responsibility for their own lives, tragedy struck when one son committed suicide at age 27. Two years later, another son and his wife were murdered by an intruder.

Despite all of this personal suffering, Antoinette Bosco has managed to maintain an inner peace with herself and her world. By opening her heart to pain, she believes she has also opened it to love...and to peace.


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