Choosing Mercy

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Subj:    WOW!

Date: 3/23/01 4:22:47 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Scott Christianson
To: Antoinette Bosco

Dear Toni,

What a wonderful treat to open a package and see your smiling face adorning the cover of your new book. And then to see the book. which is so extraordinary. Then to be blown away by your kind words toward me. I am really touched. Thank you. Thank you for having the strength to do all that you have done, and now to write this book so that others may draw from that strength.

It is truly inspiring and life affirming. I can't wait to read every word of it. It's the only book I can think of which I really want to recommend to foes as well as to friends. Though of course I know I shouldn't think in terms of anyone being a foe.

Anyway, enough blather from me. CONGRATULATIONS, and good luck with it. I hope it's a best seller.



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ISBN: 157075358X, Paperback

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