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Feel the touch of the divine hand in remarkable incidents in the lives of ordinary people

Remarkable incidents that happen to ordinary people, often overlooking the hand of the Divine in such occurrences, are the subject of the new book by Antoinette Bosco entitled Coincidences: Touched by a Miracle, published by Twenty-Third Publications.

The author of the best-selling The Pummeled Heart: Finding Peace Through Pain, sees this book as "filling the void among inspirational books that focus on wondrous miracles." Bosco brings these events "onto a reality screen, showing how everyone gets a share of God's bounty, often in unexpected ways, where the miracle is not immediately recognizable."

Coincidences is a story book "where very tale is true; some are wondrous, all have their own mystery. Readers will be fascinated by these accounts of coincidences, and surprised by the stories uncovered here, from history to the present." the author stresses.

A prize-winning journalist, Bosco is a nationally syndicated columnist for the Catholic News Service. She has written more than 200 magazine articles, thousands of newspaper stories and columns, and six books. She was executive editor of the Litchfield County Times from 1982 until she retired from that position in 1995.

After publication of The Pummeled Heart, that year, she became the subject of numerous newspaper features and has been a guest on many television shows. Her articles have also appeared in Ladies Home Journal, Woman's Day, and Guideposts. Her recent credits include an honorary doctorate of Humane Letters from the College of St. Rose in Albany, N.Y, and a first prize for religious writing from the New England Press Association.

The stories in Coincidences are the result of four decades of the author's interviewing men and women and being astounded at how coincidences affected their lives. All are first-hand --except for those resulting from historical research disclosing coincidences that affected certain notable persons.

Stephan Rechtschaffen, director of the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, notes that in her new book, "Antoinette Bosco explores an unchartered realm through stories that uplift the spirit. It is no coincidence the sense of grace that comes from allowing oneself to be drawn into these inexplicable yet common occurrences that so enrich our lives."

Fr. Alan Weinert, editor of Liguorian magazine, notes: "God can and does use the ordinary circumstances of our lives to show us himself. These become fresh possibilities for spiritual growth. Antoinette Bosco's book is a help to all who want to know how the mystery of grace and redemption are woven into the fabric of our lives as we develop our own personal call to holiness."

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ISBN: 0896227499, Paperback

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