Shaken Faith

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Knock on any door today and chances are you will find someone who has had to deal with pain, setbacks, injustice and other varieties of discomfort where they feel abandoned by God. Every moment suffering calls into question the goodness of God and presents a challenge to one's faith.

I try to reach out to anyone who has had to radically examine what their faith means when it has been shaken, or even lost, because an elusive God appears to leave so many of life's questions unanswered. My new book is for anyone seeking to better understand why faith so often seems to falter, who needs the empathy of someone who's been there, someone who has learned the emptiness can be refilled, with hope.


My book is an excursion into some of the mysteries of what faith is and what it means in a life -- honestly showing how faith can be described but never truly defined, because it is a mystery; how faith emerges altered, but stronger, from "foxhole" times; how accepting faith to be mystery then opens one to see the world and life itself as full of God's "magic surprises; how the tough roads of life may knock one down, but only to put one on a new, a better path on the faith journey, which reaches a dead end if it is not continuing evolving.

I hope my words will bring new insights and hope, showing with stories and the wisdom of great leaders from the ages that faith really deals with soul -- growth -- the human problem of the ever moving and evolving relationship of humankind with something, Someone, greater than ourselves.

I think my book is different from others on faith because it is written from a personal lived experience in which I had to deal many times with a fuzzy and fractured faith, particularly from losing two beloved sons, one by suicide, one by murder. I had to accept that life was not given to us just so we could have answers to our questions. I had to learn that my life was a relationship with Christ and that being faithful meant I would walk his path, even to the death. What I learned was backed up over and over by others who had also learned this, many from the ages. In this book I affirm my experience, in gut honesty, joined with the wisdom of so many others.

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ISBN: 1585951315, Paperback

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